Written by Greg Birdwell, Teaching Pastor at Providence Bible Fellowship.

Most couples enter marriage anticipating making beautiful music together. However, after a brief honeymoon phase, something more like a cacophony begins. After years of tears and effort, pain and forgiveness, many couples find themselves asking something like, “Is this all there is?” Singing the Song of Songs proposes that such couples may have been trying to sing a song, as it were, reading the wrong music in the wrong key—only dissonance can result. The solution is found in the scriptures in a better song, the Song of Songs, also known as the Song of Solomon. Jesus Christ exemplifies the love of the Song in His self-sacrificial care for His Bride. If we would enjoy the blissful marriage intended by God, we can only do so by emulating His love, empowered by His Spirit. Here Jesus teaches us to sing the Song of Songs.In Singing the Song of Songs, you will learn: The two flawed assumptions about marriage that set many couples on the wrong trajectory from the earliest days of their union. How those who look to marriage for ultimate fulfillment are actually preparing to settle for second-best. Why loving Someone Else more than you love your spouse is the only path to marital fulfillment. How Jesus and His love for the church serve as the paradigm for a meaningful marriage.