Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you part of a denomination?

A: Yes. We are a reformed, Southern Baptist church.

Q: What is your view on eschatology?

A: We don’t have an official position regarding the millennium. However, we hold that Christ has not yet returned and that His return is the great hope of Christians.

Q: What can I expect the service to be like?

A: We want our Sunday gatherings to reflect our commitment to be Bible-focused. Therefore, we sing the Bible through traditional and modern music, pray the Bible's truths for one another and the world, see the Bible's teaching on salvation displayed in regular celebrations of baptism and the Lord's Supper, and hear the Bible preached each week. We encourage conversations of friendship toward visitors and fellowship with believers. In all of this, we seek to worship God through His Son, Jesus Christ, by the power of His Spirit. 

Q: How often do you celebrate the Lord’s Supper and who is allowed to partake?

A: We celebrate the Lord’s Supper the third Sunday of each month, Maundy Thursday, and Christmas Eve. Christians who have been baptized and have a good standing in their local churches may participate.

Q: Are you a family-integrated church?

A: We are not a family-integrated church. We do value the family and God's design for parents to be primary the disciplers of their children (Eph 6:4). But we also believe the church is meant to partner with them, equipping and coming alongside parents to help them in their task (Eph 4:11–12). We value children learning about God alongside their parents when they are mature enough to understand the basics of the service and sermon (Neh 8:2). Preferring others, we want to avoid distractions during the worship service. Children are always welcome but should be removed if they cannot be settled for some reason. We also have a family room in the balcony and a nursing mothers/cry room just outside the auditorium to help with these things.

Q: What do you have for children and teens?

A: We offer Sunday morning classes for every age, including infants, children, and teens. These classes provide lessons based on the age and learning abilities of students. Younger children will have simpler lessons and more activities than the teens' class which will delve deeper into discussing and applying Scripture. We also offer a session for younger kids during the worship service called Praise Factory. Midweek activities and studies are also available for school-age children and teens during the school year. View the calendar below to check out upcoming events.

Q: What safety precautions are enforced for kids in Sunday school?

A: We take the safety and security of all children seriously. We use a parent identification system to ensure only authorized parents/guardians/adults pick up their child(ren) from Sunday school. At least two trained volunteers are present in each classroom at all times. Additionally, all Sunday school volunteers and church staff undergo background checks and many are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Upcoming Events

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