PBF takes seriously Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations. This task begins at home as we preach the gospel to our family, friends, and neighbors. At the same time, we strive by God’s grace to live godly lives which bear out the message we preach.  Though our evangelism is often accompanied by good deeds of love and service, we believe it is essential that sinners hear and believe the gospel to experience God’s salvation.


In our pursuit of Christ’s great commission, our desire is not to develop numerous programs and events to present the gospel. Instead, we strive to create a thick gospel culture among our members.  We want to see them know the gospel well, both for their own sanctification as well as their witness to the community.  Thus, PBF desires to equip and deploy its members as Christ’s disciples, making other disciples with wisdom and intentionality. 

We encourage all of our members to join us in our new PRAY & READ initiative, walking unbelievers through Mark's Gospel to see Jesus and believe in him.

You can also find several resources for knowing and sharing the gospel in our resource portal.