The ultimate purpose for the church of Jesus Christ is to glorify God in all things. That is why at Providence Bible Fellowship we seek to be:

  • God-centered

    We are God-Centered because we believe that all of God’s work in human history has been sovereignly accomplished by Him for His own glory. So naturally, everything that we do should have the same purpose. Our preaching, our teaching, our music, our fellowship, our membership, our discipline, and all other areas of our lives are intentionally centered on God and His glory.

  • bible-focused

    We are Bible-Focused because we are God-Centered. God has revealed Himself to us in His Word, the Bible. To truly be God-centered, we must be focused on His Word, filling our minds and hearts with His truth about Himself. God has declared that all Scripture has been inspired by Him and is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness so that we may be complete, prepared for every good work. The wisdom of man has nothing to add to the wisdom of God. Therefore, we preach the Word verse-by-verse and book-by-book. We sing the Word. We read the Word. We pray the Word. We live the Word.

  • gospel-driven

    We are Gospel-Driven because we are Bible-Focused. In the Bible we find the Gospel story of God’s work in Christ on our behalf for His own glory. The Holy Father, being rich in mercy and love, sent His sinless Son to redeem those who hate Him and save them from the just condemnation of their sins. All who turn away from their sin, surrender their lives to the Son, and trust Him to save them, are adopted by the Father, inhabited by the Holy Spirit, and made fellow heirs with the Son. This glorious Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, therefore, we proclaim it to sinners and saints alike.